What to Expect

After a disaster, your insurance adjuster and Dunn-Rite Construction will cooperate together in completing an estimate of repairs needed to put your property back to its prior condition.

When the adjuster and Dunn-Rite Construction have agreed on what needs to be done, repairs, replacement etc., and the costs, a contract is usually drawn up, referencing the agreed estimate. Prior to the signing of the contract, it is advisable to discuss and include any work in addition to the claim, which you may require done,

There are many things that you, as the property owner may have to make decisions on. Dunn-Rite is ready to help, with expert advice and an extensive variety of samples.
•    Paint Colors
•    Wall Covering
•    Carpeting
•    Vinyl Tile
•    Ceramic Tile
•    Appliances
•    Electric Fixtures
•    Counter Tops
•    Cabinet Styles
•    Sinks
•    Faucets
•    Etc

The homeowner or business owner is responsible for completing a list of all of the items destroyed or damaged in the loss that are not part of the structure. The property owner and the insurance adjuster normally handle this part of the claim. The adjuster will require information including the age and value of these items. The contents may consist of the following:

•    Clothing
•    Furniture
•    Appliances
•    Linens
•    Drapery
•    Personal Items
•    Food
•    Pet supplies
•    Area Carpets (only wall to wall is considered structure)
•    Lamps
•    Freestanding Bookcases
•    Computers
•    Cameras
•    Sporting Goods

Depending upon the extent of damage to your property, you may be unable to use it until repairs or replacements are complete. Homeowner’s Insurance usually covers Additional Living Expenses, meaning expenses over and above normal living expenses. Business owner’s can have coverage for loss of income for the days a business is down.

Inspections by the local authority building inspector are usually made at certain phases of construction and repairs will not continue until these inspections are completed. Once repairs are complete, you may need a CO, or Certificate of Occupancy, from the local authority building inspector.


Payments are either made during all phases of the repairs, or when the job is complete. Your insurance company may elect to pay a portion of the cost of repairs up front and a final payment when the job is finished. If there is a mortgage on the property, the Mortgage Company's name will be included on the check and Dunn-Rite Construction can arrange to coordinate payments with the Mortgage Company. The check would be issued in the name of the Owner, Mortgage Company and Repair Facility, and would require to be signed by all three.

The Mortgage Company may elect to issue a portion of the total in order that repairs can commence. As repairs proceed, the Mortgage Company issues further payments. When repairs are completed, a Certificate of Satisfaction will have to be signed by the property owner and Dunn-Rite Construction works with the insurance company for final payment (sometimes called the holdback).

The Mortgage Company may need several documents in order to process payments. They may consist of some or all of the following:

•    Owners Affidavit
•    Contractors Affidavit
•    Lien Waiver
•    Certificate of Satisfaction
•    Letter of Authorization (to speak to your contractor)
•    Copy of the Estimate
•    Their own inspections (depends on amount of damage)

Disasters are unfortunate, but with cooperation and understanding, everything can be accomplished with a minimum of difficulty and the property owner can be put back in pre-loss condition.

As always, Dunn-Rite Construction stands ready to apply experience and knowledge to make things run as smoothly as possible.

Please ask questions. We understand what you are going through. We are only too glad to help.

Bob Partridge, Vice President.
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