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  • Home
    You can reach Dunn-Rite Construction any time of the day or night at 860-951-6387 and speak to a person to have your message relayed immediatley. We know your home or business is important to you.

  • Fire Damage
    If your home has been damaged in a fire, you need someone with experience. Dunn-Rite Construction has been doing fire damage repair since 1967.

  • Water Damage
    Dunn-Rite Construction has been doing water damage repair since 1967. Water can do more damage than most people realize. It seeps into walls and floors and can warp wood if not dried out quickly.

  • Storm Damage
    Wind can cause a great deal more damage than people think. Dunn-Rite sees first hand what storm damage can do. Hurricane Andrew was extremely damaging.

  • What to Expect
    Your insurance adjuster is who you should contact when a disaster strikes. Not everyone requires the same things for each disaster. This page is to assist you in knowing some of what to expect.